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Taiwan - Public Television Service (2019): In 2019, INA organised a training seminar in Taipei for professionals from the Public Television Service (PTS) group on the use of audio-visual archives.

China - University of Communication: Since 2007, based on its partnership with the Communication University of China (CUC), INA has been welcoming Chinese master's students every year recommended by CUC and, in 2017 a seminar on European media was organised for CUC journalism students in Paris.

Indonesia - ITTS (2015-2017): Based on the ITTS Franco-Indonesian cooperation project, which aims to modernise Indonesian public broadcasting, INA has provided training sessions to Indonesian media professionals.

Vietnam - VTV (2018): After a first training carried out in 2014, the audiovisual archives service of VTV (Vietnam Television) again appealed to INA in September 2018. VTV wished a full reminder on the description. and the indexing of audiovisual documents and a development on the valuation of archives for different uses and audiences.