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Broadcasting, promotion, and access to audiovisual heritage programmes

Broadcasting, promotion, and access to audiovisual heritage programmes

INA's mission is to promote and provide access to the collections it stores for all audiences: the public, audio-visual and media professionals, researchers, teachers, and students, etc. It offers services designed to meet the needs of everyone.


Crédits photo : Jean-Claude Pierdet

The public: 360 broadcasting

As heritage media, INA produces and broadcasts a wide selection of heritage audio-visual content to the public on its website, which provides free access to the first European collection of audio-visual heritage content. Fully embedded in the digital era, the INA also shares formats that are adapted to new uses, to all screens, and to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Madelen is the first SVoD platform based on audio-visual heritage. The INA offers its subscribers an editorialized programming of over 13,000 programmes.

Audio-visual and digital professionals: Distribution and production

INA and its partners distribute their catalogue through clips and programmes to all media, creativity, communication, and publishing professionals in France and abroad.

This unique catalogue of more than 2 million hours of content is available online through two platforms exclusively dedicated to professionals: INA mediapro is an online platform for purchasing videos selected by INA. It consists of a unique search space in the middle of INA's catalogue and media clip.

On INA mediapro, you carry out your searches and customised selections of content. Our sales teams are at your disposal and provide you with personalised support throughout your project, from documentary and legal advice to delivering media.

In mediaclip, you can access a new video catalogue prepared by INA’s archivists because they are interested in current events and social issues. All the inspiring and unique videos available on mediaclip come with turnkey licences that suit your needs.

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Teachers and students: educational tools and platforms

Lumni Education allows teachers and students to access more than 3,000 resources indexed by level and subject to prepare, illustrate, or lengthen their lessons. It is a unique offer from the education service designed in partnership with actors from the French public broadcasting and the Ministry of Education.

Researchers and students: Access and scientific development

INA Thèque organises numerous debates and conferences dedicated to their work and, all the collections are available to researchers and students in its dedicated drop-in centres.