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Development and transfer of knowledge and skills

Development and transfer of knowledge and skills

Thanks to the diversity of its work, INA brings together all the skills and expertise needed to fulfil the tasks: audiovisual archive technicians, archivists, engineers, journalists, creators, producers, educational managers, teachers, etc.

Crédits photo : Didier Allard

The Institute aims to pass on its knowledge, expertise, and experience to current and future professionals and audiovisual, media and digital institutions. This environment is where INA school (INA sup) and INA professional centre take place, which draws on all the Institute's knowledge and skills to provide high-quality, innovative teaching and support, and adapts to changes in practices and careers.

Initial training: INA sup, the audiovisual and digital media school

INA sup is INA's graduate school; offers 15 degrees covering all the careers in the audiovisual and digital media sector, such as technical and artistic occupations, production, and content management on all media.

In 2020, INA sup opened the Alpha Class, a year of guidance and pre-qualification for audiovisual and digital media careers, aimed at 17-25-year-olds, without requiring any degree. With a social vocation, the Alpha Class aims to provide skills in fundamental areas (interpersonal skills, cultural skills, written and oral communication skills, and numerical skills) to allow employability or to ensure guidance towards a particular career.

Professional training

INA’s exhaustive catalogue of professional training courses covers all the careers in the audiovisual, media and digital sectors that break down into 13 training courses. There are 22 permanent educational managers and a community of 350 teachers; whether they are INA staff or external experts, they're all leading professionals in their field that ensure the development and implementation of these courses.