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UE and Europe

UE and Europe

Europe (research):

INA has led and been a partner in research and innovation projects funded by the European Union's dedicated programmes in the audio-visual and digital fields: PRESTO Space, PRESTO Prime, Presto4U, DAVID - Digital AV Media Damage Prevention and Repair, MeMAD - Methods for Managing Audio-visual Data, etc.

FRAME (since 2010) :

FRAME is the only annual international training course covering all the issues of audio-visual heritage, designed and organised by INA with the support of the Creative Europe - MEDIA programme, the European Broadcasting Union Academy (EBU), and the International Federation of Television Archives (IFTA). Since 2010, it has welcomed and trained more than 200 professionals from 45 countries and contributed to structuring a network of knowledge and international cooperation.

MediaNumeric (2021-2023):

MediaNumeric is an Erasmus+ funded project aiming at the creation of a higher education programme about data journalism for European students. INA is a partner in this project led by the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision and involves the European media and higher education partners.

Erasmus (since 2014):

Since 2014, INA has been a signatory of the Erasmus Charter, allowing INA Sup to support the mobility of its students by granting internships and welcoming European teachers to teach Master's courses

MeMad (2018-2020):

A European research & innovation project that aims at developing and implementing new tools and methods to manage and use audio-visual and digital content. In this context, David Doukhan, Research Engineer at INA , conducted a study on women's speaking time in the media by analysing 700,000 hours of French TV and radio programmes. [Link:]

Re-Imagine Europe (2018-2021):

The re-Imagine Europe project is supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA programme. It brings together 10 European cultural and musical organisations, including INA 's GRM, which create, produce, distribute and promote experimental and avant-garde forms of art to develop their audiences in Europe


INA contributed to creating europeana, the European Union's digital media library aimed at digitising Europe's heritage and improving its access. Today, more than 100,000 items of content from INA 's collections are available.

Re-Imagine Europe: New Perspectives for Action (2023-2026) :

New Perspectives for Action is a four-year transnational co-creation and circulation project by Re-Imagine Europe, a collaboration of fourteen interdisciplinary art organisations across Europe, and builds on the results of the previous Re-Imagine Europe project (2017–2021). New Perspectives for Action aims to equip and empower young Europeans through artistic practices to better withstand societal challenges triggered by rapid climate change. To achieve this aim, the project responds to the needs of artists, organisations and audiences.