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International affairs

International affairs

Welcome to The National Audiovisual Institute.

Photo credits : Aimé Dartus


The Czech National Museum acquires an INA-Saphir optical digitization system

The French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) and the Czech National Museum are proud to announce that National Museum have made the acquisition of an INA-Saphir 78rpm disc records optical digitization system. The system was purchased as part of the “Research and Science Project in National Museum”, which focuses on audio preservation, digitization and access to audio cultural heritage in the Czech Republic. INA-Saphir is designed to read and digitize fragile audio materials without stylus nor contact.

FRAME Mentoring 2023: the call for applications is open! 

The call for applications for the 2023 FRAME Mentoring programme for junior professionals is open until March 15th 2023. It is part of the FRAME training programme, organised by INA for more than 10 years, in partnership with FIAT/IFTA and EBU Academy and co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 

MediaNumeric Training Course “Data-Driven Journalism, Creative Storytelling & Fact-Checking​”: The 3rd call for applications is open! 

MediaNumeric is an Erasmus+ collaborative project that provides training resources and courses to train the new generation of journalists to work with big data and fight misinformation. The call for applications for the third and last training session which will take place in Warwaw is now open.

INA & FIAT/IFTA launches a survey on audiovisual archives environmental impact  

As part of the FRAME programme, INA and FIAT/IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives) launch a survey to assess the audiovisual archives sector environmental impact. Answers are expected by June 30, and will result in the publication of a study. 

« Unboxing Mayibuye - Access to digital heritage » 

 « Unboxing Mayibuye - Access to digital heritage » project : le Robben Island Museum, INA and Agence Française de Développement join forces to preserve and give access to anti-apartheid movement archives.

“We are preserving Lebanon’s audiovisual memory”

In the framework of the Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects (FSPI), financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, INA brings its expertise to the Lebanese audiovisual sector. After a complete audit, the project "Safeguarding, Digitization and Valorization of the Lebanese Media Heritage" is entering a new phase. Interview of Elissar Naddaf, advisor to the Lebanese Minister of Information on French-speaking media.

Algerian War : the witnesses have bequeathed their memory to us

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the end of the Algerian war, INA and ARTE are offering a documentary series entitled “At war(s) for Algeria”. A project built on the unpublished testimonies of those who lived through the conflict in France and Algeria, testimonies that the INA collected for over 2 years. Meeting with Anne Gènevaux, producer at INA and architect of the project.

French Presidency of the Council of the European Union: INA offers unprecedented training for journalists

Since January 1st and until June 31st, 2022, France holds the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In this framework, as a public heritage media, INA aims at enlightening the history of the European Union for the general public and to contribute to the European media landscape.

Kourtrajmé School : and now, Dakar !

After Clichy-Montfermeil and Marseille, the film school Kourtrajmé is growing and has settled in Senegal. This new implantation gives birth to a partnership with the National Audiovisual Institute.

The challenges of film heritage 

An online seminar organized by INA and the International Federation of Film Archives for professionals from South America

MediaNumeric : project for the new generation of journalists 

MediaNumeric : INA will train the new generation of journalists to use data and fight against disinformation in the framework of a European project.

Women's speaking time: 700,000 programming hours analysed

By analysing 700,000 hours of French TV and radio programmes, INA has carried out the world's largest study of women's speaking time in the French media and has confirmed their significant under-representation.

Our missions

INA is a public institution founded in 1975 with the aim of archiving French audiovisual heritage, creating content, researching, and transferring knowledge in the audiovisual and digital fields.

Cultural cooperation

Given the richness of its collections and its cultural and heritage engineering, the INA organises and participates in creating and implementing cultural events such as exhibitions, festivals, screenings, etc. and scientific events such as seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc.

Our iconic projects

Expertise missions, training, consulting projects, cultural and scientific events, cooperative projects, participation in conferences and events, etc.: INA's international work and projects cover all its business fields and all continents.

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