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Middle East

Middle East

Bahrain - Ministry of Information (2019) :

In 2019, INA and the Ministry of Information of Bahrain signed a cooperation agreement (MoU) to support Bahrain's radio and television in its digital transition by strengthening the skills of its technical and creative teams, supporting the digitisation and management of its audio-visual archives, and purchasing INA’s content to feed its channels.

Kuwait - Ministry of Information (since 2013):

Since 2013, INA has been supporting the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information in digitalising the national television and radio archives.

Jordan - The Royal Film Commission (since 2019):

Since 2019, with the support of the French Embassy in Jordan, the INA is designing and carrying out training work for the Royal Film Commission of Jordan Royal Film: Technical and Artistic Aspects training in 2019 and documentary writing workshop in 2020.

Lebanon - Safeguarding, Digitalising and Promoting the Lebanese Media Heritage (2021-2022):

For two years, INA will support and supervise the Lebanese Ministry of Information and media structures (Radio Lebanon, National Information Agency, Télé Liban, Directorate of Studies and Publications) to contribute to safeguarding, digitalising and promoting the Lebanese media heritage.