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North Africa

North Africa

Morocco - SNRT (2018-2021):

The Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision du Maroc (SNRT), the public broadcaster of Morocco, has entrusted the INA to develop and implement an annual training plan for its staff in the audio-visual and digital fields.

Algeria - European programme to support the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage in Algeria (2016-1019):

As a partner in the most important European cultural cooperation programme in Algeria, the INA managed the "Audio-visual and cinematographic heritage" section.

Tunisia - The Independent High Authority for Audio-visual Communication (2018-2020) :

The European Union-funded twinning project involved INA and the Belgian CSA, and aimed at the strategic and technical strengthening of HAICA, which is the Tunisian audio-visual regulatory authority. The INA supported HAICA in setting up its system for capturing, storing, and documenting Tunisian audio-visual programmes for the purposes of media studies and monitoring, as well as supporting the development of staff skills.

Tunisia - Tunisian Television Establishment (2021-2023):

The twinning project is financed by the European Union and led by France Médias Monde, it involves all actors of the French public audio-visual sector (INA, France Télévisions and Radio France) and aims at supporting the modernisation of the ETT, in terms of technicality, editorialisation and organisation.

Tunisia - Media Support Programme in Tunisia (2017-2025):

The 1st and 2nd edition of the EU-funded Media Support Programmes in Tunisia works towards structuring the Tunisian media sector by improving production and access to reliable quality information and training Tunisian media professionals. For its 2nd edition, the INA is a partner in a consortium of European media actors led by CFI.