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Our professional network 

Our professional network 

The INA is an active member of professional networks in its fields of work. To contribute to their international dimension, the institute actively participates in the commissions, annual conferences and events organised by these networks: 

Photo credits : René Pichet

  1. ASBU Arab States Broadcasting Union
  1. CILECT The International Association of Film and Television Schools
  1. CMCA Mediterranean Centre for Audio-visual Communication
  1. COPEAM Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audio-visual Operators
  1. DMLA Digital Media Licensing Association ACSIL Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors
  1. FIAT/IFTA International Federation of Television Archives
  1. FOCAL Federation of Commercial Audio-visual Libraries
  1. IASA International Association of Sound and Audio-visual Archives
  1. ICA International Council on Archives
  1. IIPC International Internet Preservation Consortium
  1. PIAF Professionnels de l’image et des archives de la francophonie – a portal for Francophone archives worldwide
  1. TVFI TV France International