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Technological tools

Technological tools

INA develops and markets its own technological tools in the fields of data and preservation.

Crédits photo : Georges Galmiche

Research Projects

As part of its collaborative approach to share and disseminate the results of its research, INA participates in research projects funded by the ANR (The French National Research Agency) or the European Union and forms partnerships with other research and innovation institutes.

Technical and technological tools

The INA markets the technical solutions that it has developed in its applied research center :

Signature - Designed and developed by the INA and winner of an Emmy Award in 2019, Signature software detects video copying, which is a practical and efficient solution to manage and moderate rights.

Saphire - Today, some historically invaluable media is unreadable with the usual ways of reading (magnetic cells with diamond tips) and it is impossible to mechanically restore the surface of the disc. The Sapphire process allows these discs to be read optically, without a stylus, and without contact.

DataSet - is INA’s tool that offers a corpus of audio-visual documents and data from its collections to the scientific and technological community.

DigInPix is a tool that automatically identifies a maximum number of visual entities from a pre-determined list of entities.

GRM Tools : Designed and produced by Ina-GRM, the GRM Tools plugins are the result of many years of experimentation and development of sound processing software for use by musicians, composers and sound designers.