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The European Union 

The European Union 


Thanks to the wide range of INA 's missions and work, relevant to various fields of the EU policy, the Institute's projects and initiatives are included in the framework of its funding programmes: Creative Europe (ICC and audio-visual), Horizon Europe (research and innovation), Erasmus+ (higher education and professional training), Global Europe (international collaboration), Digital Europe (digital), etc.

Therefore, INA is a signatory of the Erasmus+ Charter and participates in collaborative projects to create and reinforce training offers dedicated to international audio-visual, media and digital professionals (MediaNumeric, FRAME). The Institute shares its experience and expertise as part of collaborating projects with countries in the southern and eastern neighbourhoods of the European Union (twinning projects with Tunisian audio-visual and media institutions, media support programmes in Tunisia, Balkans' Memory project, etc.). INA 's research and innovation centre is a play a role in the European research area by participating in collaborative projects (MeMad, PRESTO). Finally, its aim to access, promote and create audio-visual heritage are part of a multicultural and transnational approach and are integrated into European projects (ReImagine, Europeana, EUScreen). These collaborative projects are frameworks for exchanging and sharing European knowledge and expertise, enabling the structuring of long-lasting and rich cooperative relationships between INA and its European partners.

In addition, including European policies and the support of European funding enables INA to:

  • Create new projects, develop, and internationalise its existing work
  • Develop and participate in meaningful projects in line with the European Project
  • Establish long-term partnerships and learn from its partners’ practices
  • Contribute to the structure of European and international partner networks