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The French cultural cooperation network 

The French cultural cooperation network 

As an international player in the French cultural and creative industries, INA's international work is in line with the guidelines and priorities of the French cultural cooperation policy: to promote French culture, support multicultural exchanges and export French cultural and technical expertise. In this sense, the Institute relies on the vast network of French cultural cooperation carried out by the cultural cooperation departments of French embassies and the French Institute, which is the sole operator of France's external cultural action, supervised by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and has a network of 98 local institutes present on all continents.

  • Knowledge of local environments and actors: The constant exchanges with these partners allow INA to have a precise knowledge of the environments and partners of the countries with which they cooperate.
  • Support to implement missions: The cultural cooperation services network and French institutes support INA in organising and carrying out missions abroad: prospecting missions, expertise, training, etc.
  • Cultural, scientific, and educational actions: INA co-organises and participates in cultural (exhibitions, screenings, etc.) or scientific (seminars, conferences, etc.) events with the network, promoting and enhancing French audio-visual heritage and culture among local audiences
  • International cooperation and export of French cultural and technical expertise: With the support of the MEAE's Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects (FSPI), which is supported by the French Institutes, INA implements international cooperation projects, enabling it to share its expertise through consulting, assistance and training.